Ending Corporate Waste and Holding Companies Accountable

Attorneys at Emerson Firm, PLLC serve clients nationally in antitrust and securities fraud cases. We have a long history of successfully prosecuting antitrust and securities fraud claims to end corporate waste and hold companies and their boards accountable.

Antirust law has a long history in the United States, starting with the Sherman Antitrust Act. Several federal antitrust laws were created later, including the Clayton Antitrust Act, the Federal Trade Commission Act, the Lanham Act, and the Robinson-Patman Act. These are used in conjunction with other state and federal laws to govern interstate commerce and create a fair marketplace that operates with integrity.

Although most think antitrust only involves monopolization, antitrust is a constantly evolving section of the law. Antitrust is both a unique part of the law and cross disciplinary. Businesses can run afoul of antirust law in a number of ways, including business structuring, licensing, corporate transactions, litigation, regulation, marketing, pricing, distribution and more. Because of the unique nature of antitrust law, working with an experienced and well-versed team of attorneys is paramount. If you believe you have been a victim of illegal antitrust practices, you may have an antitrust claim.

Cases may include some of the following areas:

  • Monopolization or attempted monopolization
  • Predatory pricing
  • Refusals to deal
  • Pay to delay agreements
  • Exclusive dealing
  • Restraint of trade, resale, pricing, or territories
  • Price fixing, bid-rigging, and information sharing
  • Collective boycotts

Representing Consumers and Businesses in Securities Fraud Cases

Productive capital investments and healthy competition are central to success for both businesses and investors alike. Without honest and legal business practices, both investments and competition suffer, often harming investors, shareholders and business owners. Our firm uses antitrust and securities fraud suits to hold businesses accountable and ensure productivity of investments.

Securities fraud often occurs when investors are misled by illegal business practices designed to secure investments or lack of business transparency. Brokerages that work on behalf of investors often have goals that differ from those of their clients. If you have been the victim of illegal securities actions or bad investing advice that benefited your broker at your expense, you may have a securities fraud claim or securities fraud class action claim.

Cases may include some of the following areas:

  • Manipulated financial reports
  • Inaccurate public statements
  • Failures to disclose material facts
  • Stock fraud
  • Broker and brokerage firm fraud
  • Unsuitable investments or investments that “don’t make sense”
  • Investment results are markedly different from publicly announced expectations

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