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Our attorneys are working on a recently filed lawsuit on behalf of over 250,000 chicken processing plant workers in the United States. 250,000 chicken processing plant workers may have a claim as part of a recently filed lawsuit that alleges 18 companies involved in chicken processing colluded to depress workers’ wages and specifically targeted workers with limited English language skills and few other employment opportunities.

If you worked at a chicken processing plant at any time between 2009 and today, our attorneys want to speak with you about your claim. There is no cost to speak with our experienced attorneys.

This lawsuit is about more than just money and focuses on holding chicken processing plants accountable if they were abusing workers, creating deplorable working conditions for workers, or manipulating wages of some of the most vulnerable workers in the United States. As part of a class action lawsuit against “Big Chicken,” workers can collectively protect rights and put an end to abusive practices that harm workers.

Were you underpaid as a chicken plant worker?

We are working to build a case against 18 companies that may have been working together to keep wages lower for chicken plant workers. The lawsuit alleges that employees and leadership from these companies met to discuss worker wages, working conditions, and tactics to manipulate workers to depress wages and working conditions.

If you were or are a worker in a chicken processing plant for one of the following companies, our attorneys would like to speak with you:

  • Perdue
  • Tyson
  • Hillshire
  • Keystone Foods
  • Pilgrim’s Pride
  • Equity Group
  • Sanderson Farms
  • Koch Foods
  • JCG Foods
  • Wayne Farms
  • WFSP Foods
  • Mountaire Foods
  • Peco Foods
  • Simmons Foods
  • Fieldale Farms
  • George’s Inc
  • Ozark Mountain Poultry
  • Raeford Farms
  • O.K. Foods Incorporated
  • Harrison Poultry
  • Mar-Jac Poultry
  • Amick Farms
  • Case Foods
  • Case Farms
  • Allen Harim Foods

If you worked for another chicken processor that is not on this list, please contact our firm with details about where you worked as you may be eligible to participate in this class action suit.

Hold Chicken Companies Accountable

Our experienced class action attorneys have worked on similar cases of price fixing and workers’ rights violations, helping hold corporations accountable for harming workers and their rights.

Together, we can collectively hold chicken companies accountable if they have been colluding to abuse workers’ by reducing pay, creating unsafe workplaces, and other workers’ rights violations. Contact our class action attorneys today to learn how you may be able to participate in the chicken processing class action lawsuit.