Did you purchase Daraprim at an inflated price?

Turing Pharmaceuticals is involved in a recent class action lawsuit which alleges that Turing may be inflating their prices by 4,000%. Pyrimethamine, also known as Daraprim, is a pharmaceutical drug used to treat a life threatening parasitic infection. Patients are usually prescribed Daraprim for a parasite or for those with immunocompromised conditions such as cancer patients, organ transplant patients, or HIV/AIDS.

Additionally, Turing Pharmaceuticals allegedly closed distribution methods and blocked generic distributors from joining the market. As a result, consumers may have been forced into purchasing a price inflated product.

If you are a private health insurance company, third-party administrator, health maintenance organization, or other self-funded health benefit provider that purchased Daraprim from Turning Pharmaceuticals, you may have a claim in this class action.

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History of Daraprim Prices – Class Action Lawsuit

Daraprim has been a popular medication used for various medical uses and had been on the market at lower prices since 1953 before being bought by Turing Pharmaceuticals. Turing acquired the rights to Daraprim in August of 2015 when the price allegedly increased by 4,000% and allegedly became only available through Turing.

We would like to speak with you about your Daraprim purchase to see if you qualify to be a class representative for our case. As a class representative, consumers represent many people who may have been taken advantage of in class action cases.

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