Varsity May Be Making It More Expensive to Buy from Other Brands

Popular cheerleading equipment and apparel company Varsity Brands LLC (“Varsity”) may be dominating the market through unethical practices, making it hard for other companies to compete. They may also be making it more expensive to use other cheaper brands, leaving cheer gyms and teams able to use Varsity Brands as their only option.

Varsity offers cheerleading equipment, apparel, hair accessories, camps, and organizes competitions that many cheerleading teams need to compete. Allegedly, Varsity controls 80% of the market for cheer apparel, accessories, and equipment. The company allegedly uses multi-year contracts with gyms, offering cash rebates if owners buy Varsity apparel and send their cheerleading teams to Varsity competitions.

These rebate plans may make it more expensive for gyms and cheer teams to buy from cheaper, alternative brands.

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If you are a gym that offers competitive cheerleading training for Varsity competitions or buys Varsity apparel, accessories, and equipment, you may have a claim. 

We would like to speak with you about your Varsity purchase to see if you qualify to be a class representative for our case. As a class representative, consumers represent many people who may have been taken advantage of in class action cases.