Is NAPA 303 Oil ruining your farm equipment?

NAPA 303 tractor oil products may be ruining your farm or heavy duty equipment. Some retailers selling the 303 products may be using deceptive and misleading labeling tactics to get buyers to believe that the product is made to prevent wear and tear, when it may be causing serious damage transmissions and hydrostatic units. Allegedly, the oil didn’t contain the right additives for protection. 

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We would like to speak with you if you purchased NAPA’s Hydraulic Fluid 5 GAL 303 Tractor Fluid SAE 20 for your equipment for personal use and are located in Arkansas. There is no cost to you for contacting us about NAPA’s 303 oil hurting or damaging your heavy duty equipment. 

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The NAPA 303 hydraulic tractor fluid is known to help lubricate hydraulic systems, brakes, and more in your tractor or farm equipment. The product is specifically marketed that it “meets many requirements of a premium tractor hydraulic fluid at moderate cost.” However, the oil allegedly doesn’t meet the quality standards that it promotes and may have damaged your equipment as a result.

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If you have used NAPA’s Hydraulic Fluid 5 GAL 303 Tractor Fluid Oil that may have damaged your heavy duty machinery, you may be able to take part in this claim. We are looking for people who used these products for personal use in their equipment, not as a business purchase or for business uses.

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