Owners of Ring Security Systems May Have a Claim

Hackers may be using your Ring camera system to spy on you and your family. Two couples have filed a lawsuit against Ring after hackers have allegedly used the camera system to live stream videos and speak to them through their Rings. 

John Emerson is an experienced attorney who is working on this case to help protect your privacy. Our consumer protection lawyers fight for our clients to defend consumer rights in a wide variety of cases and class action lawsuits. Don’t let Ring take away your security.

There is no cost to you for contacting us about your Ring security system. We are working on a case to hold the manufactures of Ring accountable for risks to consumers’ privacy and safety. 

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You have a right to your privacy – Do you own a Ring System?

Ring’s home security feature claims to offer smart security. Two couples have filed a lawsuit after hackers used their home security systems to spy on them and their children. One couple bought the system to protect their daughters, specifically one who suffers from seizures. They allege hackers were able to start a live stream of their 8-year-old daughter in her room. The plaintiffs claim that the hackers began playing music, yelling racial slurs at her, and were attempting to provoke bad behavior.

Another couple claimed that unauthorized hackers used their Ring security system to threaten to “terminate” them if they did not pay a ransom. The lawsuit alleges that the hacker was able to access the couples doorbell camera, saying “I’m outside your door.”

Although the company claims to provide smart security to consumers, it may have the opposite effect. Other claims of hacking have been reported as well, the lawsuit alleges.

If you have been the victim of a Ring hacking or own a Ring security system, we would like to speak with you in a free initial consultation. We are building a case against the makers of the Ring security system to hold them accountable for failing to maintain consumers’ security and privacy.

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If your Ring camera system has been hacked or if you are the owner of a Ring security system, you may qualify to join this Ring privacy class action lawsuit. You have a right to your privacy.

Speaking with an experienced consumer protection attorney may help you understand the unique needs of your case and if your case should help defend the rights of others who may have also been affected.

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