Hip Replacement Lawsuits

Did you or a loved one experience complications after a hip replacement?

Hip replacements can cause serious and even fatal complications for a number of reasons, ranging from infections from the surgery to medical device defects. Our medical device injury attorneys are investigating claims related to complications caused by hip replacement surgery and hip replacement devices. If you or a loved one experienced serious complications after a hip replacement, our hip replacement attorneys would like to speak with you.

We are investigating hip replacement claims related to DePuy, Stryker, Wright, Biomet, and Zimmer hip replacements and would like to speak with you if you or a loved one experienced complications after having a hip replaced with either device. If you or a loved one has experienced serious complications after a hip replacement that did not involve one of these hip replacement brands, you may still have a claim because of medical malpractice or medical device injury.

Why may there have been an increased risk of complications with these Hip Replacements?

Hip replacements are a very complex surgery that has a high risk of infection and often involve cases of medical malpractice. However, in certain cases manufacturing defects or poor hip replacement designs have hurt patients even when hip replacements were successful. The injuries from hip replacement malfunctions vary depending on the hip replacement brand and model but often result in serious complications and can even be fatal.

There has been a higher-than-expected failure and complication rate with certain hip replacements that indicates serious problems with hip replacement technologies. Manufacturers have been quick to jump on releasing updated and “improved” hip replacements using new materials, designs, and manufacturing techniques. However, many of these new innovations have not been rigorously tested as previous hip replacements. Unwittingly, many patients have become guinea pigs for manufacturers who are releasing new hip replacements to the market.

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What hip replacements have caused complications?

Patients who had certain types of hip replacements are experiencing higher-than-expected rates of failure and complications from hip replacements. We are currently investigating claims involving the following hip replacements:

  • DePuy ASR Hip Replacements
  • DePuy Pinnacle Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacements
  • Stryker Rejuvenate/ABGII Hip Replacements
  • Stryker Accolade Hip Replacements
  • Stryker LFit V40 Femoral Heads
  • Wright Profemur Hip Replacements
  • Wright Conserve Cup Hip Replacements
  • Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Replacements
  • Biomet M2A Magnum Hip Replacements
  • Other Hip Replacement Systems

Patients who experience complications from hip replacements tend to report many of the same problems. If you or a loved one experienced any of these complications or symptoms after a hip replacement, regardless of the device used, you may have a hip replacement lawsuit claim:

  • Positive Cobalt/Chromium Blood Testing
  • Metallosis or Metal Blood Poisoning
  • Loosening, Disassociation or Fracture of the Hip Implant
  • Hip Replacement Failure
  • Notification of a Hip Recall
  • Pain, Discomfort, or Other Complications Resulting in Hip Revision Surgery
  • Serious infection related to medical malpractice

If you have experienced any of these complications after having a hip replacement, contact our attorneys today for a free consultation at no cost to you.

Our Medical Device Injury Law Firm

Emerson Firm, PLLC has extensive experience prosecuting claims on behalf of patients and their families, both in cases of medical device and medication injuries. We believe in the protections of the law and hold doctors, medical staff, hospitals and medical device manufacturers accountable when they’ve harmed patients and their families because of errors.

We know our role as hip replacement lawyers is to ensure the voice of patients and their families are heard and our mission is to fight to uphold protections that keep us all safe during medical procedures and care. Our medical device legal team knows the ins and outs of what it takes from experience. We’re also recognized as leaders in the legal industry from various legal communities.

Why are manufacturers being held accountable in hip replacement lawsuits?

Drug and medical device manufacturers have to be held accountable in cases where they have failed to keep patients safe because of manufacturing defects or not taking the time to test their devices before taking them to market. Our medical device injury attorneys are investigating claims to hold DePuy, Stryker, Wright, and other hip replacement manufacturers accountable in cases where manufacturing or design defects may have lead to medical device injury.

What should I do if I recently had a hip replacement?

Many hip replacements that are known to have manufacturing or design defects are no longer being used but this doesn’t mean that there won’t be other hip replacements that have these same problems. If you have had a hip replacement recently and have not experienced complications, be sure to keep a close eye on your health and record and document any complications that may occur.

If you had a hip replacement and have experienced severe complications, were notified of a recall, or suspect something is wrong, it is important to contact a medical device injury attorney who may be able to help you make a claim. There are short time limitations on making a hip replacement claim so acting quickly may be important to your claim.

Like many other medical device lawsuits, holding the manufacturer responsible for the harm they’ve caused to you or a loved one requires building a robust, well-documented case to prove that their device caused the harm and that the device was at fault.

Hip replacement manufacturers have often tried to use the complexity of hip replacement surgery to blame surgeons and doctors and it is important to a hip replacement claim to prove the manufacturer is at fault. Manufacturers will likely try to prove that their device wasn’t at fault—and that it was your fault or even your doctor’s. We work with clients to gather together documentation, testimonies, and medical studies to prove the harm was caused by the device, not the victim or their caregivers.

A medical device injury lawyer may be able to help you make your claim and gather together all the information for a hip replacement lawsuit. Our medical device injury firm offers free initial consultations at no charge to learn about your case and see if we can help you pursue damages.

Successful hip replacement cases may be able to recover compensation for the following:

  • Medical expenses, both caused by the injury and future expenses for conditions caused by the injury
  • Lost wages, even if you could go back to work after recovery
  • Loss of earning potential
  • Loss of consortium to spouses due to life-changing injuries or death
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other damages, such as parental support, life’s enjoyment and more

If you believe that you or a loved one were a victim of hip replacement device complications, contact the medical device lawyers at Emerson Firm today to speak with one of our experienced attorneys. Don’t let medical device companies take advantage of their position and hold those accountable who caused your injuries or the injuries of a loved one because of mistakes.