Did you suffer from an ATV Accident?

If you or a loved one was injured while using a four wheeler or ATV, most people will assume it was their fault. However, in many instances when someone was severely injured in a four wheeling accident, this isn’t the case. In many four-wheeler accidents there are other circumstances that may have lead to the accident being out of the victim’s control, including ATV trail maintenance or even related to defective or poorly designed ATVs and related products.

Often figuring out who is responsible for the injury is a complex process that requires legal steps to investigate. We work with clients and their families who have been injured in four wheeler accidents. If you or a loved one was injured in an ATV accident, contact us to find out how we may be able to help you.

Your ATV Accident May Not Have Been Your Fault

Most people automatically assume that any ATV accident was caused by the victim and was their own fault. It comes with years of media telling the public that ATVs are unsafe. Under normal operation four wheelers can be not only extremely useful for hauling and work, but can be a fun and safe activity. However, when someone else’s negligence or a product defect lead to an ATV accident, the public is quick to assume it was the victim’s fault. In many instances, this isn’t the case.

An ATV can rollover when a grade is too steep or a trail is not maintained properly. Four- wheeler drivers can lose control due to terrain and be pinned under or thrown from the vehicle, causing severe injury and even death. As well, four-wheelers and all-terrain vehicles can have manufacturer defects or poorly designed safety mechanisms that lead to injury.

Every year, over 700 people die in ATV accidents, according to the Consumer Protection Safety Commission. Texas leads the country in ATV deaths annually, making it the most dangerous state for four wheelers. What’s worse is that over one-third of all deaths are children under the age of 16.

Defective parts on four wheelers are not uncommon and are often related to the tires, throttle, clutch, shifter, gas tank, or fender. As well, ATVs may not have sufficient safety warnings or precautions built into the vehicle.

Do I have a four wheeler accident claim?

If your or a loved one was injured in a four wheeler accident and you believe it wasn’t caused any fault of your own or even if you don’t know what caused it, you may have a claim against another party. Poor trail maintenance, such as overly steep grades or large pot holes, rocks or other obstacles on trails that lead to the accident may be grounds for a claim. If the accident was caused by a product defect or poor design, you may also have a claim. We would like to speak with you if you believe the accident wasn’t your fault, contact our attorneys today for a free consultation at no cost to you.

Contact Our Personal Injury Lawyers Today – Our Personal Injury Law Firm

Emerson Firm, PLLC has extensive experience defending consumer rights in cases where negligence or product defects lead to injury as well as death. We work with clients to help them pursue claims related to personal injury, or death in cases of four-wheeler accidents.

Our experienced personal injury attorneys work closely with our clients to make sure their story is heard. In cases of four- wheeler injuries, we fight to represent our clients fairly and ethically. We’re also recognized as leaders in the legal industry from various legal communities.

What should I do if I or a loved one recently had a four wheeler accident?

After seeking appropriate medical care related to your accident call us immediately. ATV accidents can often be very severe and your first priority is making sure you’ve received the proper treatment for your injuries. If a loved one was injured, be sure to act as an advocate for their care first. Then call us right away – do NOT delay. Get us on the scene investigating before an insurance company investigator shows up or the four-wheeler is moved. Do NOT move the four-wheeler from the accident scene and get us there right away to have our staff photograph and preserve all of the evidence crucial to proving your claim.

Speaking with an experienced attorney can help you make the decision about what to do. We are accepting new clients in four-wheeler accident cases and would like to speak with you today to help you understand your options. There is no cost to you for an initial consultation. Call us today at (501) 286-4622!